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Who We Are

AEC-Amersham, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTP Radioisotopes and provides quality products and services for the Healthcare and Laboratory market segments.


AEC-Amersham aims to be the leading supplier of healthcare products to the African market.


AEC-Amersham is dedicated to making radiopharmaceutical products, laboratory supplies, and quality & safety assurance equipment accessible to the market.

Our Values

  • Excellence – In appearance and in doing

  • Agility – We are always ready to act fast and easy

  • Reliability – Our stakeholders can depend on us at all times

  • Safety – Mine and that of others every time and everywhere

  • Accountability – If it is to be done, it’s up to me and I’ll do it

  • Innovation – We always think of new and better ways of growing our business

  • Integrity – Doing the right thing at all times