Within the Radiopharmaceuticals sector, AEC-Amersham’s products are widely used in hospitals, laboratories and clinics throughout South Africa to improve the quality of life through assisting in the diagnosis of disease, understanding biological processes and in the treatment of various malignancies.

Life Science Research is a rapidly changing and growing field. AEC-Amersham’s product portfolio is among the most advanced available in this specialised area. It’s instruments and reagents provide researchers with the necessary tools for attempting to understand the interaction of substances within organisms at a molecular level.

AEC-Amersham believes in the concept of quality control and safety assurance and has a broad product range for both the industrial and medical markets.

Quality Policy Statement

AEC-Amersham SOC Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTP Radioisotopes, provides quality products and services for Healthcare, Life Sciences and Quality and Safety Assurance market segments is committed to the quality policy that will ensure that its products and services fully meet the customer requirements at all times.

This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of a COMPANY to existing customers, potential customers, and independent auditing authorities.

Core strengths are an extensive range of specialised products and services supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts being continually upgraded through training